What are the disadvantages of air fryer in (2020)

Side effects of an air fryer

People love to buy a product in which the pros & cons are clear to them. Similarly, you must be curious to know about the disadvantages of air fryer so that it will help you in the buying decision of an air fryer.

An Air Fryer is the latest machine of the modern era that has enabled to cook food in a variety of ways. Many Air Fryers are available in the market, having amazing features and specifications. Like other products, it also has some disadvantages. So there should a question from your side, are air fryers healthy? You should know about the significant and minor side effects of air fryer. By reading this article, you will be able to determine whether you should use Air Fryer and you will get the answer of your question that Is Air Fryer bad for health?

Disadvantages of Air fryer

Not suitable for large family

Air Fryer is ideal for the family having four or less than four persons. But if your family size is 8 or 10, then Air Fryer is not suitable for you. It cannot prepare food for the large-sized family. So, if your family members are exceeding four, you should not use Air Fryers. For large family’s deep fryers are better as they have large cooking capacities and faster cooking time.

Not suitable for Amateur

Each model has its features and specifications. The use of Air Fryer is not very easy for beginners or amateurs. It is a tricky task that requires careful handling.

Longer Cooking Time

It is the major disadvantage of Air Fryer. Air Fryer takes a long time in preparing some food as compared to conventional ovens. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for cooking. Because its circulating air is not very efficient like deep fryers. So, the persons have to wait longer but in conventional ovens take only 5 to 10 minutes. So, it is not suitable for rapid cooking. Before cooking, it also takes some time to warm up.

Burnt Food

Air Fryer Cook the food at high temperatures. The temperature ranges from 300-400-degree Fahrenheit. Different Air Fryer have different temperature ranges. This high-temperature cooking requires your full attention. Even if you lose your focus for a while, there are the chances that food might burn. Air Fryer requires careful handling while preparing the food. It would be best if you keep checking your food from the doors. An interior lighting system is provided in the Air Fryers that helps you to keep on checking food.

Unevenly cooked food

You cannot cook in the Air Fryer in large batches. Circulating hot air would not reach the food evenly when the food is stacked. That results in improper and uneven cooking. To avoid this condition, you should not create stacks of food that they can cook from every side. If food pieces are big enough, make sure that they do not overlap with each other.

Appearance of Acryl Amide

One major air fryer health disadvantage is Black crust appears on the meat’s top surface as a result of overcooking. It is known as acrylamide. It is harmful to health and can cause serious health complications, including cancer. It is the main reason to make people think, why air fryer is bad? So, if the black crust appears on the meat’s top surface, you should remove it before eating.

Heavy and space containing

Air Fryer machine is a bulky and heavy machine. It requires a lot of counter space. It is also challenging to move around. Air Fryers are somewhat noisy because of circulating fan in it. The number display is too small. Sometimes, it makes it difficult to set temperature efficiently.

Produces smoke

If Air Fryers are handled carelessly, they can produce smoky clouds. These smoky clouds are very to counter if it arises. It would be best if you used Air Fryers with great attention and care.


Air Fryers run on the electricity. So. If power is not available, you cannot cook any food.

Cannot be used as substitute of ovens

Undoubtedly, Air Fryers are used for multipurpose, including baking, frying, grilling, and dehydrating. But it is not used in replace of ovens. It works differently from ovens so they cannot be used as ovens.

Prepares less tasty food

Air Fryer prepares food by consuming less oil, so the taste of different from the food prepared by deep fryers. It might seem you less tasty. Because less cooking oil is absorbed in the food, and the food is dry in nature. It also makes the food less crunchy. In deep fryers, food is submerged in the oil, so the oil will absorb in every part of food that leads to well-cooked and crunchy food.

Cleaning process is time consuming

It is essential to clean all accessories of Air Fryer efficiently. If you don’t clean it properly, it might get damaged. It is easy to clean, but its cleaning is time-consuming. Mostly components are composed of non-stick. It is not necessary that all the non-stick parts are dishwasher safe.

Non-stick coating can damage

No doubt, non-stick is best for use. It can be cleaned easily, but there are some disadvantages also. Greasy residues can deposit over non-stick coating, and it reduces its life span. When the non-stick coating of basket or pan is gone away, you should throw them because the exposed metal surface can release toxic chemicals to your food. The best way is to buy a stainless-steel basket.

Health effects of Air Fryer

When we talk about the health effects of Air Fryer, they are better than deep fryers. But a person should avoid any fried food in order to maintain his health. People should focus on an organic diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

Air Fryer not only produces acrylamide, but it also provides other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and amines that put your health to risk. According to research, these compounds can produce cancer. These compounds form during high temperatures.

It is also associated with high blood pressure, heart failure, and other serious complications.

Toxic Material

As most of the accessories of Air Fryer are non-stick coated, With the passage of time or usage, its components wear out. As a result, food gets accumulated with the surface. Toxic material may get entrapped into food particles that make your food contaminated. 

Another disadvantage of Air Fryer is that the steam gets retained within the fryer, converted to fatty acids, and later breaks down into fat and oil that makes people in doubt that is air frying healthy?

Strange smell

When you purchase a new Air Fryer, you might experience some strange smell. This smell is of plastic or chemical used in the composition of Air Fryer. The smell goes away after using it two to three times. In some Air Fryers, it might take a couple of weeks to get rid of smell entirely.

 So, the food prepared by Air Frying is not 100% safe, pure, and healthful.

When compared to other deep fryers, it produces food healthier than food prepared by deep-frying. But fried food is fried food. You must try to consume it less in order to live a healthy life.

Technical issues

Air Fryers comes with a touchscreen and digital display controls so, technical complications can occur while setting its time and temperature. In case of deep technical issues, its touchscreen stops working. To avoid this, you should use fully dry components while cooking in the Air Fryer. The basket containing food should also be adequately dried. A booklet is provided with Air Fryer containing all the information to operate it. You should thoroughly read this booklet.

Extra accessories

Some necessary accessories, including basket or pan, is provided along with Air Fryer. But some extra accessories that you may require to cook something different is not provided with Air Fryer. So, you have to spend some extra money to purchase these.

Less Feasible

Its temperature control settings and uneven timing display sometimes make it inconvenient to use. While using some models, you cannot remove the lid to check your food as extremely hot air is released that might burn you.

Limitations associated with this product

Air Fryers are very easy to use, and with some practice, you can operate it efficiently. But there are some of the limitations that can make tedious while cooking. For example, when you remove the basket from Air Fryer, it is very hot, and you have to place the plate inside it. It also sometimes causes Dripping in food. This situation sometimes makes you irritated. But it is not a very big disadvantage of Air Fryer.

 Slightly Expensive

Air Fryers are the top trending machines available in the market. People prefer to buy Air Fryers regarding its amazing features. So, Air Fryers are a little expensive. Every brand has a different price and specifications. The average price is 100 to 150 bucks,

There are specific tools that do not come along with the product, and you have to purchase it by yourself. It requires some additional costs. So the price varies.

This is not a significant disadvantage of Air Fryer because you have to spend on Air Fryer only once and enjoy its lot of benefits. It also saves your budget for purchasing oil every time. So, in the long run, its little high price can be neglected.

Use of sharp objects

Sharp objects like a knife cannot be used in the Air Fryers as it would create a scratch on the pan’s non-stick coating.

My final verdict

After thoroughly reviewing the disadvantages of Air Fryer, I concluded that other devices also have some disadvantages. Some downsides are worth considering while some are negotiable. But its advantages are far more than its disadvantages. So, I recommend using Air Fryer for the kitchen. But you should use it with care and attention. 


Is the Food prepared in the Air Fryer healthy?

The answer is that the food prepared in the Air Fryer contains less oil that seems reasonable, but it is not 100% healthy. You should consume raw fruits and vegetables as compared to processed foods.

Is Air Fryer safer than microwave?

In comparison To conventional and microwave oven, I considered air fryer, Comparatively Safer, Yes. Indeed, the air fryer is not as fast as a microwave oven. But it’s fast then a conventional oven. You cannot make bread. Or even you cannot reheat Fries to make it crisp rather it will make your french fries soggy. But it is easy to understand and to operate that makes Air fryer better than oven.

It will not splatter hot oil on your forearms, clothes, and hands, And if you use it carefully, It has not any potential hazards. So my recommendation is yes, air fryer is safer than microwave and conventional oven.

Is an air fryer good for high cholesterol?

Yes, air fryer helps reduce the cholesterol because its primary function is to fry the food with very little or no oil. So it is reducing the oil consumption overall by giving almost the same taste of deep frying food. Thus when you use less oil, the cholesterol level in your Blood also will reduce. 

Air frying also appears to curb the omega-3 fatty acids in fish. These “good fats” help lower blood pressure and raise “good” HDL cholesterol levels, and they may help protect the heart.

Is Air Fryer safe for pregnancy?

The short and sweet answer is yes. Air fryer is safe for pregnancy. There is no radiation emits by an air fryer to harm a pregnant women. Even the food you are frying in air fryer does not produce any bacteria that can harm a pregnant women. So its safe to use without any second thought.

Does Airfryer cause cancer?

There is no case reported of cancer because of using an air fryer. Air frying still runs the risk of creating acrylamide, but polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines can result from all high-heat cooking with meat. These compounds have associations with cancer risk, according to the National Cancer Institute. But no research found any incident yet. 

Is it worth buying an air fryer?

I will say “YES” and “NO” by considering two different scenarios. 

If you are purchasing air fryer to replace it with a deep fryer, I will recommend yes it’s worth buying because you’re likely to use less oil overall with the almost same taste of deep fryer. 

If you’re purchasing an air fryer to replace or supplement your oven, you won’t see as much of a difference in the amount of oil you use. The only difference is the less time that an air fryer is taking to cook food. 

Do air fryers have radiation?

No, air fryers do not emit any electromagnetic radiation to cook food like microwave ovens. Air fryers use radiated heat, circulating quickly around the food to cook it well with less oil.

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